Cream cheese frosting

I was elected into the board of SiT Service the other day. It is the part of Studentsamskipnaden (student welfare company) that deals with food and books. I don’t start until April, but I am really excited about it. The next two years will be filled with publishing, cafés and canteens. Can’t wait!

But as I was skipping dinner to go to the election meeting, I needed some food. Happy food. So I stopped by the cupcake café by the office. And as before I ordered a salt cupcake with homemade aioli and smoked and salted ham (spekeskinke). But I am sure that it has shrunk in size since last time I ate there 🙁

But the aioli still tastes magnificent and the ham as well.

Even though the cupcake looked superb, the carrotcake kept falling apart and there was an incredible amount of cream cheese frosting on top. It felt like I had eaten a can of frosting. Unfortunately for me, frosting is not my favorite thing in the world, so I felt quite sick afterwords… But if you love frosting, have a cupcake. The cake itself was really good 🙂

Farytale cucpcakes at Leütenhaven, next to Brukbar in Prinsenkrysset.

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