A scout is…

I have borrowed this from “guidelines on spiritual and religious development” made by the world scout organisation. It is partly based on the scout law. I truly believe if we all tried to live like this, we would be able to create a better world.

A Scout is able to get along with and WELCOME others

•  A Scout is able to welcome and respect others as brothers and sisters, while acknowledging differences in their religions, cultures, and ethnic groups

•  A Scout is able to listen to others and to their experiences before making judgements about them

•  A Scout is able to show compassion for the needs and humanity of others

A Scout understands and can WONDER at the natural world

•  A Scout is sensitive to the wonders of nature and life

•  A Scout is aware of the threats to the natural environment and his/her impact on the world around him

•  A Scout is able to act responsibly in responding to the world around him/her

• A Scout is able to recognise that the natural world shows him something that is beyond himself/herself (a spiritual reality)

A Scout WORKS to create a more tolerant and caring society

•  A Scout plays an active role in his/her community

•  A Scout is able to share responsibility

•  A Scout is able to cooperate with others to bring about improvements in society

•  A Scout is able to discern and develop talents, acquire and improve his/her skills to enable him/her to better serve and live

A Scout has WISDOM: self-confidence and self-discipline

• A Scout is  able to accept responsibility for his/herself and others

•  A Scout is able to exercise self-discipline

•  A Scout is able to draw conclusions for their personal life and to act upon them

A Scout recognises the need for prayer and WORSHIP*, for a spiritual response

•  A Scout is able to explore the spiritual heritage of his or her own community and to use it in making sense of their past and present experiences

•  A Scout is able to draw on the spiritual heritage of his or her community to express gratitude, need and sorrow

*Worship: The term “worship” does not quite say what we want to, but it does provide a way of remembering this aspect of spiritual development.

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