Food and weekend

This weekend I had a visitor from back home, and the weekend has been all about music and food.

Dinner 1:

basmati rice, plucked whole grilled chicken, tikka masala with extra tomatoes and chili

Dinner 2:

pita bread filled with tuna/ feta cheese/ paprika/ tomatoes/ garlic/ spinach

Dinner 3:

meat balls with bacon, greens and garlic and fresh salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Dessert 1:

waffles with brown cheese

Dessert 2:

Dots and pistachio nuts

Dessert 3:

Carrot cake with chocolate chunks, port and madeira


The Wombats (concert), folk songs (mostly singing while walking around), electronica (as background music and for relaxation).

PS: only three weeks until Easter, GO, GO, GO!

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