Third hand 2.0

I really am quite the creative type, I just keep expressing other sides of me. But one thing I like, but never give myself time to do, is sewing and such. I wrote about some of my projects in my old blog, and now I have started to work on another project. I once bought a jacket, but I didn’t really like it, so I have never worn it. And in stead of throwing it away or giving it to someone else, I thought I might try to re-do it. But jackets are difficult things, especially those with lining so I have been doing muck thinking and not that much sewing.

This week I started to alter the jacket and I will post pictures later, but first I thought I’d post some of my “inspiration pictures”. They are all from except the last one, which is from a blog I don’t remember the name of. As you can see, it is a uniform jacket of some sort.

I like the defined shoulders of this one, but I realize that to do this without any experience is almost impossible.

My jacket also has some gold details, I wonder if I should add some more.

I’m also thinking about adding a band in the back, but I’m also thinking of shortening it, so I’ll see.

I don’t like how it looks in the front, and wonder if it should be possible to close it or not.

This is nice, with the band and everything, but longer than mine.

The jacket has epaulettes and I wonder if I should keep them or not.

And it is double buttoned, but  I’m really too short for that (it makes you look short and wide), so I might rearrange that.

Red is such a good contrast, I think I have some ribbons I might add.

This looks very much like my jacket.

Different variations of closing the jacket.

I really like her jacket. Especially the yellow details and the short arms. But how do you shorten arms and make them look good? And I want a skirt like that 🙂

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