Shoe love on a Sunday

When you are all alone in the office on a Sunday and you have lunch brake, you need to do something. And is always pleased to help pass your time.

Today I was inspired by their 50 best shoes of the season-list. So I chose my favorite 8 out of it. I am clearly longing for colour, heels and some edge, yet not too much. Had I only had 300£ to spare for a pare of shoes, all would be well… I won’t include the names of all the designers, since it is more for inspiration, but I recommend 🙂


These are the classical satin pumps I have been looking for for more than two years. So close, yet so far.

One of Tori Burches famous ballerina pumps. I need a pair of bright pink shoes!

Perfect sandals for a summer dress or to dress up a pair of shorts and a plain shirt for a BBQ party.

The cutest sandals.

These are so cool! Though, but elegant and a wonderful colour. Love them.

These are the other pair of pumps I have been looking for, the pair of perfect red pumps. I wonder if I’ll ever find them. Of whell, I’ll just have to keep searching (maybe it will help when I actually have time to go shopping).

I love the shape of these. They really give an edge to any outfit and the blue is so pretty.

The ultimate power sandals for summer.

This was on one of their Cannes shopping list and I fell in love instantly. I have said before that I have a starting crush on Jil Sander and this is just my shade of choral (anyone how has seen me the last six months will agree) and it would be a perfect second black tie dress. But it costs 1335£ so I will not think of it again (only dream of it).

I promise myself that when I’m finished studying, I will buy something intensely beautiful and overprized for myself with my first salary.

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