Self-repair manifesto

As you know, I fix m own car. Both because my father only gave it to me (yes, he gave it to me, I’m spoiled) for me to learn how to fix cars and because it is terribly expensive if anyone else should do it. A friend gave me this manifesto:

You can find it in a larger version here. I really recommend reading the whole thing.

What it’s all about? That it’s better to fix it than to buy something new. That it is cheaper and better for the environment. That you learn something by fixing it and that you care for something you have fixed and that you know how works. It has to do with sense of ownership and responsibility. I think it’s the same for clothes, boats, cabins and electronic equipment, if you have participated in restoring it, you will feel ownership for it and wish to keep it working and whole. The fact that all small things (especially electronics) have no guarantee past two years totally destroys this. You are not allowed to try to fix it yourself. You are not allowed to open it and look inside. And you should not expect anything to last more than two years. Even though it costed a small fortune. I hate the thought of having to buy new stuff every second year. I’m the kind of person who mends her clothes and waxes her leather shoes. Take responsibility, be curious and FIX YOU STUFF YOURSELF! 🙂

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    • … and you don’t have heaps of friends who do and who can help you. Lend you spare parts or tools. I do. That helps a lot 🙂

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