A song of ice and fire

I have mentioned that I read A game of thrones earlier, and book worm as I am, I got hooked. And when the friend I borrowed the book from couldn’t lend me the next one (and the public library didn’t have the series) I had to buy it myself. Lucky enough for me, the first four books of the series A song of ice and fire cost me just under 200NOK. Dead cheap! And they only took three days to deliver, so now the first four of these are residing in my book shelf and I am reading Shantaram at the office and A clash of kings at home.

I don’t think I want to try the TV series before I have read all the books, just so the pictures don’t ruin my reading experience. But I probably need to check out the series afterwords.

It looks like I’ll be able to finish my lab work in time, hopefully this week. And then a quiet life of solo work and social life with myself awaits.

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