If you have followed my blog since before my camera shut down in April, you will know that I am a girl with a medium sized wardrobe with aspirations to be a girl with a walk in closet. I need enough space to store all my shoes in one place (not three as I do now), I need better shelves and enough hanging space for my dresses.

Because you can never have too many dresses.

And while going through my must-read-list on the internet I found my dream wardrobe at Tales of endearment. Just look

I want order and enough room for everything. Right now I keep my pretty shoes in boxes so they don’t get too dusty, but I want this. Someday.

And DRESSES. All colors and patterns and shapes.

Look at this. A whole room. A sofa for your friends and just to gaze at all the beauty. The worst part about this is that the girl who owns this wardrobe is my age. Definitely need to start working on the contents of my walk in closet 😉

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe

  1. jeg har innholdet og mangler skapet… jeg har en kjempegod sko-lagringsplan som jeg lærte i USA, så da kan du glede deg Ingeborg! ;D

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