Too much time?

Or just need some inspiration? Anne asked me to give some insights into the blogs that I follow, because she needed some inspiration. First I have to say that I don’t go into people’s blogs and read the posts, I use Google Reader witch gets all the blog posts for me and puts them in a long list. Therefore, every time a friend goes abroad and starts a blog I will just add it to my Google Reader, I therefore never delete blogs, and manage to follow many more than without G Reader.

My total number of added blogs to Google Reader is 54. The blogs range from 10 posts per day to less than 0,1 per day, which means a few times (or less) a month.

The blogs I follow can be grouped into fashion, close friends, comics, smart people and people who live in nice places/friends of friends. I think fashion bloggers with little text and a lot of pictures are the easiest to follow. Almost like flipping through a magazine. And these days I hardly buy fashion magazines, because I get the pictures and the news from the blogs weeks before it hits the magazines. Depending on your interests I would follow any of these:


Guerrisms – takes pictures of fashion details, mostly of men’s fashion, but also shoes. Updates quite often. New York/Milan. English.

Hanneli – outfit pictures of herself mostly, but also inspiration around NY. Updates irregurlarly. New York. English (but she is Norwegian).

Style Bubble – longer posts with everything from outfit pictures to collaborations and happenings. Updates almost more than once a day. London. English.

These three all live off their blogging/freelancing.

Elsa Billgren – outfit pictures, everyday life and second hand, longer posts. Updates quite often. Stockholm. Swedish.

Marcella Mravec – outfit pictures mostly. Updates quite often. Stockholm

Elsa also do a bit of freelancing, but their blogging is mostly because they work in Swedish fashion magazines.

The Glamourai and All the pretty birds both work as stylists, one in LA and New York and one in Milan. The Glamourai takes mostly pictures of herself, while All the pretty birds takes pictures of others. The Glamourai is more often. English.


I don’t follow that many, I have to admit, but that is also because Erik gets Pondus, M and Eon home and sends me a wide variety of comics from the internet all the time (which I love).

But ok, as long as you’re a nerd/geek you have to read xkcd. It is huge. Don’t despair if ou don’t understand all the jokes, that only means that some small part of you is still normal… The comic is usually one panel (not long stories). Other than that I follow Wumo (formerly know as Wulfmorgenthaler) which also is a panel comic. This one os usually a bit over the top and a bit macabre. Indexed is a nice one if you are not afraid of graphs.

Close friends

I have some friends who blog. Erik has a posterous with pictures and such. Tone has written about NaNoWriMo, Marit writes about her life. But I don’t have that many blogging friends, I have to admit. Janteloven, anyone? Eller bare tidspress?

Smart people

I follow a couple of smart people as well. I don’t have Twitter (I am very sure that there is either my master thesis or Twitter), which is where most people follow smart people, but I have a few here. I follow the founder of Stormberg, I get the feed from (but not their blog site at the moment), Brown Chicken Brown Cow has this wonderful taste when it comes to everything. If you should follow one, take her. Broken Morning is an Indian girl (you know, from India). She doesn’t write that often, but it is facinating to follow a completely different world, especially when it is not seen with European eyes.

People who live in nice places

This is actually my stalker category. Friends of friends who have moved to interesting places. People that are interesting or take nice pictures. Facebook usually helps me find these.

This turned into a terribly long blog post. Meta blogging FTW. As you understand, I follow more than these, but I think you would like to read these. I realised that I don’ follow any Norwegian fashion bloggers and I think that is because Norway is too small. Sweden is big enough, but in Norway it ends up being a negative thing and so little variation. It gets boring. But then I have always been a British Vogue kind of girl…

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