Ok, so I went through a H&M store yesterday and spotted two wonderful clutches,

the orange and the blue. They only costed 200 NOK and are in fake suede, and I definitely want one. My problem is which to choose? This last year I have bought so many things in this orange colour, so it would go with everything I own, but would it be too much? Can you have too many matching accessories? And the other half of my closet is pink, so should I go for the blue? But I have so little blue. But maybe that is a good thing?

Can you help me?

#firstworldproblems i guess

3 thoughts on “Clutches

  1. Orange! Den blir ganske lekker til sommeren også! Faktisk så var den brune og grønne litt fin også

  2. I ended up buying the orange one 🙂 Thanks! And Tobias, there is a limit to my money flow, unfortunately 🙁

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