From Inga

For those of you who don’t know it, there are to world wide scout organisations in the world. One is for the scout movement (WOSM) and one is for the girl scouts and guides (WAGGGS). Together they represent 40 millions scouts and guides in the world. Even though the two organisations started with the same initiative from Lord Baden-Powell their work is aimed at different goals. This thing is something WAGGGS could have made, a poster to remind you that there is so much yet to do for young women in the world. That even though Norway and Europe are reasonably well off, we, as in the world, are not.

This is not the responsibility of the government or the employers only. We, the young women, have to take action and take part. To stand up for ourselves. To believe that we can do it. And to help each other. The best way to help other young women is to show them that it is possible by your own example. Do it!

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