Har sakset dette rett fra Ut av uføret fordi det er viktig at folk vet om, selv om jeg ikke har tid til å blogge masse om det.

Studentord frå innsida i Istanbul

Det er ikkje lett å døma det som hender i andre land, om ein ikkje har fulgt utviklinga over tid. Men det er stor grunn til uro når ein statsminister seier: 

 “there is this trouble called twitter now, social media, in my opinion, is the biggest trouble for all societies.”

 (via Aaron Stein ‏@aaronstein1 (kl 16.00 2/6) 

Verda er lita. Studentar har kontakt på tvers av landegrenser. Nyleg var dotter mi i Istanbul. No blir ho orientert om situasjonen frå jusstudentar i Istanbul:

Morgon 02.06: 

Previously in İstanbul; (it’s pretty long, but it was a long day). First of all, we are okay. Especially ELSA network, you made us feel that you care about us more than our government. Ecem Akgün, Idil Buke Civelek, Alican Yazdic, Idil Mahmutoglu, Ertuğ Demir and many others; we were/are in/around Taksim all day. Right now some of us are at home, some in street, some.. well, stuck in somewhere because police do not let us go. They are shooting teargases directly to us. Directly.

Some might heard that police is using “Agent Orange”, the chemical gas that USA did in Vietnam. Fortunately, thats not true. Unfortunate part is, the new ones are making us puke or want to tear our skins off. Still do not worry, we still have good stomaches and skins.
Early our prime minister threated us via public channel that if we are 500.000 in Taksim, he can bring 1.000.000. We will see.
Police has no boundries. They are straightly shooting at us, or dropping teargases from helicopters. They attacked us just after they ceased fire and told that they want to talk to us. Hopefully, we all know every move is a fcking lie.
When we entered Taksim Square today, we danced, sang, hugged each other. Later, police-looking-as-civillians burned the communication center of police; last 8 hours are a mess, especially in Beşiktaş. Police is constantly bombing every street and they are not letting ambulances to go – which is a shameful crime even in war.
I know you all feel terrified, so lets mention something sweet. All pharmacies and universities are open (German school is one of the best cause police cannot enter, it’s German land, ha-haa!), people are hanging white towels to their windows to show that they have place, water and medicine. Even Starbucks is providing free food and water.
Some of you asked to post my messages and photos to externals, please feel free. I’ll also trying to upload an album with my and other pictures.
Tomorrow, same will countinue. They will be there, we will be there. Vamos bien!”
Les meir om bakgrunnen for uroa på tyrkisk blogg: What is happenning in Istanbul

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