World Chess Championship 2013


I have a slumbering love for Chess, I have to admit. I have never actually played, but I am very intrigued by Magnus Carlsen, who grew up in Bærum like me, and who are just a few years younger than myself. And right now something historical is happening, the World Chess Championship has just opened in Chennai, India and Magnus Carlsen can possibly become the World Champion at a age of 22 after a steep rise in the world of chess since he was about 13. It is mesmerizing to read about what he has accomplished and I am so impressed by how goal oriented he is.

I guess this is how sports are, that you are exited because you come from the same place as the sportsman and because you are fascinated by the sport itself. So for the first time in a while I will try to follow the events in India and cheer from home. NRK will send all the matches and have very good commentators so that us ordinary folk can understand what’s happening.

If you are interested in learning more about Magnus you can find two documentaries on and several news articles and a very good article on Wikipedia.


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