Feminism goes both ways



This picture is from the ever magnificent Epbot, or Jen who also runs Cake Wrecks. But while Cake wrecks is about terrible cakes, Epbot is about everything geeky and nerdy. I especially love when se does Epbot Exemplars, which mainly is about ordinary girls and women being geeky (usually with cosplay).

This is exactly my kind of feminism. Jen has created a fantastic community on the Internet for geeky girls and people to support each other. The exemplars are usually kids and teenagers who do un-traditional costume choices and dare stand up for their interests, like the boy in the picture. What we need is parents who help their kids express themselves. And not only to raise strong minded and confident young women, but also young men who appreciate that.


This girl who wanted to be a steampunk red riding hood, but wanted her own bow and arrow because she didn’t need any huntsman to look after her. Feminism right there.



What we need is more simple, non-crazy feminism.

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