Do you want a man’s job or a woman’s job?


I just want all of the feminists out there to know about this wonderful thing that happened when a youth who felt mistreated took matters into her own hands. Ayres-Brown was frustrated that she was asked if she wanted a boy’s toy or a girl’s toy with her Happy Meal at McDonald’s, so she wrote to the CEO to complain. She was told that this was not McDonald’s fault, their employees do what they like.

Then she traveled to many stores to check and she found out that 79% of the time the employees would describe the toys in gendered terms. She complained to the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights, but they thought it was absurd. They then tried to send in children of 7 to 11 years old to order for themselves, and in 92.2% of the cases the stores gave the children the toy designated for the child’s gender, without asking.

But the good thing is that, after sending these results to the CEO of McDonald’s, she got a letter saying that they would change their policies, and now an internal notice has been posted online so everyone can see that they are working on it! I am so happy to see this. So proud of this young person to take action and so happy that it works to stand up and speak up. But no one will fail to notice that it took almost 3 years and a lot of work.

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