The Master List

My expencive wish list, mybe even life long wish list? There are things that young girls want, but know that they can’t get. Movie star boyfriends when you are 16 is one thing, high fashion is another. The thing about high fashion is that everything has an extra 0 or two. So instead of spending 1000kr-2000kr on a pair of shoes, you spend 10 000kr on a pair. And when you get 8000kr a month from the government, then this is obviously something you need on long term…

After buying my first British Vogue desember 2004 (16 years old) I have been following fashion shows, fashion bloggers and everything that comes with it. And about the same time I have been working to build my wardrobe. I am The Master of Lists and have therefore also a list for the things I know will complement my wardrobe, but has too many 0’s.

The Master List

– a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps, black or red (but Jimmy Choos will also do)


Jimmy Choo

– Burberry trech coat, classic in sand or dark blue

– Hermés bag, classic shape (could live with a Mulberry as well)



– Chanel suit, would love it in tweed

– jewelry from Tiffany, ring or something pretty for the ears

– I have to admit that I own a Burberry dress, but I would really like a black tie dress from one of the big fashion houses (Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Chloé, Lanvin are doing great things right now)



Jil Sander

4 thoughts on “The Master List

    • I actually have to say that none of these are on my wish list for my birthday, just because I know nobody will give me a trench coat that costs 8000NOK. No, rather I want a new set of hiking trousers, “active” speakers and gold jewelry.. 😉

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