The sun keeps shining and even though I know that spring is still far around the corner, the snow will be gone in a month and soon I’ll take Dolly out again and life will be filled with picnics and exams…

Pia took me out on the town aka to the theatre where we saw “Alt er relativt,” a comedy. It was hillarious. And it isn’t as expensive at the theatre as you might think. Go!

Pia did my make up, and we were so caught up that we almost were too late… I have my pink tweed dress from Oasis and a black cardigan from Carlings, gold necklace and vintage earrings.

I’m quite pleased with my braids for the birthday. Now I just have to wait till my hair gets longer, so I can do more fun stuff with it ­čśë

So silver dress from Oasis, pink tights from somewhere in Edinburgh. I actually didn’t bring any shoes because the dancing is always crazy when we are at Ane’s, and I was too busy and couldn’t really decide…

I’m all about pink and all about black at the moment. I have been wearing pink at least once a day (during the day or at a party at night) every day for a week now. My pink Cheap Monday pants, both coat and gloves are fom InWear (I love how I keep buying things in the same shade of pink by accident), fantastic wollen scarf from the hat maker in Trondheim and a woolen hat mom nitted when she was a student.

Cardigan and pants already seen. And my the beetles t-shirt from Threadless.

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