Cottage cheese in everything?

So, the guy I’m sharing a fridge with has this thing for Cottage Cheese. And after seeing the Cottage Cheese can every time I open the fridge for a couple of weeks I could no longer resist and bought myself one as well. On the can it says that you can use it for almost anything (but so says the marsmellows bag, and that you can’t trust) and I started trying it for this and that.

What you see here is leftover tortilla, cheese schnitzel from Firstprice, peppers, tomatoes, cottage cheese, blue cheese, salt and pepper.

It was actually quite good! But without the blue cheese the taste would have been quite dull. Maybe some chili would have been nice?

What do you use cottage cheese for? Do you put it in your dinner or something else? I have used it in enchiladas before, but maybe that was just my cooking teacher who was a bit eager. My mom eats it with jam, but I have no idea what other people use it for. Please share ­čÖé

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