Ah, sometimes you loose yourself in It is just great inspiration straight from the catwalks and even though I know I could never afford a 5000 euro dress, I still can dream…

So this weeks inspiration:

I still haven’t found the right black tie shoes, but I keep looking. These are good, hm?

I need more party dresses. I go to way more parties now, than I used to, and I keep getting bored of my wardrobe. And I really don’t like wearing the same dress to parties with the same people all the time… This one is from Burberry, if I remember correctly.

This would perhaps be a bit more proper, and not that much party

But this is lovely 🙂

And this would work wonderfully both for day and evening. I hope I can find something similar at H&M or something.

This is a good show stopper. The bad thing about buying these cheap, is that the colour fades so quickly. I definately needs a sugar daddy to buy me diamond and gold rings…

I have been searching for the perfect leather jacket for years. But as I want one that is actually made out of leather, it takes some time. This one from Burberry Prorsum is absolutely perfect. A leather trench would be magical. Now need to get those 5000 euros…

This one is also cool. Quite edgy, but I love the gold studs. There is at least one shop here in Trondheim that has Burberry, but since their spring collection has so many pretties, I think I just need to stay out. Or else I’ll actually end up buying something…

But someday!

2 thoughts on “Pretties

    • Jeg antar du mener den rosa med folder? Den sklir ganske fint inn i din kolleksjon med 50-tallskjoler 😛 Jeg lurer på om det første som havner i garderoben er blondekjolen. Jeg har lett etter blondekjole i en evighet, føles det som, og nå tror jeg jeg snart er tøff nok 🙂

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