I don’t eat enough fish. It has to do with the quality and price of fish in your everyday supermarked. So eveytime I’m home I ask for fish, good quality white fish. And when people ask me what I would most like to eat, I reply fish. And now, suddenly I have had fish three days in a row.

Three suggestions for dinner:

1: trout, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Cook the potatoes, mash them with whole milk, butter and herbs. Don’t forget the muscat! Cut the broccoli and boil it shortly (it’s called to steam them). Cook the trout in the oven with salt, pepper and dill.

2: Cod, potatoes and greens. Cut the potatoes in eight, and put them in the oven together with carrot, peppers (paprika), onions, sweet potatoes, squash and maybe tomatoes. Cook for more than an hour. Fry the cod in a frying pan with just a little salt and pepper. A red wine sauce would be nice with this.

3: salmon and greens. Cut almost the same type of greens as in nr. 2, place them in the oven with the salmon on top. Cook for ca 30 min. If you’d like, have some rice with it and some sour cream.

Fish is also good with pasta. I sometimes boil pasta, fry some salmon and the put it all in a bowl with tomatoes, avocado and red onions. Add some parmesan for the lux touch. πŸ™‚

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