Smoked salmon for life <3

Smoked salmon can be used for almost anything. I bought a piece that I sliced myself and some of it went into my dinner. The rest I use on my breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Mmmm.

I am a sucker for simple and tasty dinner and often make variations of the same things over and over. But I don’t like eating the exact same thing many days in a row, so I try to avoid that.

All my cravings at the moment; spinach, green olives, tomatoes and smoked salmon. First, boil pasta, put the heat down, add the spinach, let defrost. Den add all the rest, stir and eat ­čÖé

Please exuse my use of a big bowl for my dinner, but I don’t have any deep bowls in my apartment and I often eat sitting on my bed and then I don’t want to spill any food. So I use a big bowl for baking in stead. But you should absolutely make this for dinner. It is so good and so simple, I promise!

Pasta and salmon and spinach and tomatoes are the best.

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