How to survive:

8.30-11.30: work on master thesis. Mostly lab work.
11.30-12.00: lunch.
12.00-16.00: study for exams (still have three to go).
16.00-16.30: eat. Try to make dinner at home and heat it at the office.
16.30-20.30: study for exams.
20.30-23.00: free time. Scout responsibilities, SiT Service, friends, work out, work, other.

This is my plan. This is how my life will be until the 26. May. That’s two weeks. It should work. It has to work. After that I only have the master thesis and work left. I’m sure if that will be better or worse…

Today dinner is penne, one tomato, half a pepper, a small onion, an egg and basil.

When I die of boredom I read a chapter of Pride and Prejudice in Google Books. Love the concept. And I love the book as well 🙂 I’ve seen the mini series and the movie so many times that I picture it while reading. And I am really impressed by how true the films are to the story. Jane Austen is wonderful at capturing people and has this fantastic dry humor.

I miss my camera. But now the weather forecast says rain for more than a week, so it’s not the worst thing to have to be indoors and study.

2 thoughts on “How to survive:

    • Jeg er veldig enig! Men jeg har et soft spot for filmen med Keira Knightly. Mest filmatisk tror jeg, det er en vakker film.

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