Two weeks ago I did a little trip of Eastern Norway (Østlandet, as we say). Not only did I have myself a little BBQ on my parent’s terrace but I also visited Sara in Horten. And as Sara is one of my sweetest friends, she had a party in my honor. Nobody has ever made a party just for me before 🙂 Sara loves dressing up, dresses and shoes just as much as I do, so it was bound to be a good night.

All the pictures are from her Flickr site.

Saturday after I arrived we did some mandatory tanning

We had company


We are both the kinds of girls that talk a lot, smile a lot and laugh a lot.


Sara did our nails. I’m wondering if I should actually buy some nail polish. I always feel so accomplished when wearing it.


I had a new dress (bought in Germany btw) and even though it was maybe a bit over dressed we decided that I had to wear it anyway (it was new!). I love it. It is quite daring, but wonderful. And it has an open back, which I absolutely adore.


Sara wore a wonderful flowered minidress and nude heels. I want a pair of those 🙂

I met a ton of wonderful people. They all study at Høyskolen i Vestfold, mostly in Horten.


I had bought a bottle of bubbly for the occation



The party started off in Sara’s kitchen (as any decent student party)


Hers are the yellow, mine are the pink (surprise!)


All the pretty people


BTW Sara has an Ida, just like I have a Tone, this is Ida (she is wonderful as well)


It was a good party. It ended a bit messy, but I hope that Sara in time will forgive me. I love you, Sara! This autumn she will come visit me in Trondheim during UKA (the four week long student festival) in October. I can’t wait!

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