Cyrillic FTW

I have already mentioned that I have to translate sample labels from Cyrillic in order to understand where the samples from Russia really are from. Here are some shots that my supervisor, Kristian Hassel, took while in Russia that I have selected that will give you an insight into the life of a master in systematics…

I love this next picture mostly because it has IZBORSK in it. As Borsk it one of my nick names back home ­čÖé

I have heard that someone here at the Museum is actually quite good at handwritten Cyrillic. Might come in handy…

My second favorite Russian location: Ayulyuyuzyuk (I didn’t know it was possible to put that many y’s in one word)

Little blown paper bags with moss (or really Bryophytes, moss is only one group of three in the taxa Bryophytes) in them are my life, and will be for a while. But they are definitely more fun when they are from Russia or Alaska.

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