Statistics nerd

I am such a statistics nerd. After meeting exiting new people in Germany this Easter, one of my fellow biologists (who is from Slovenia) send me a link from this site with statistical probability distribution plushies (kosedyr). They are wonderful! I spent some time at the site and they have everything! I am definitely going to get something from there (just need to decide what…).

This is a pattern with the two kinds of errors in statistics. Type 1 is when you reject the null hypothesis when it is actually true. Type 2 is when you don’t reject the null hypothesis even though it is wrong (yes, I have this on an exam next week…)

This is a plushie of the student t-distribution. There are many more of them, and I can’t decide which I like most…

I love this poster. Almost all of the words are part of my everyday life and is my syllabus in one or more courses this semester… Talk to me next semester and it will be everything I know…

This is just a wonderful pun. When you estimate something in statistics you give it the ^ to indicate that it is just an estimated value, not the true one. And naturally it is called hat. So this is a p hat hat 😉

I know it is uncommon for a biologist to love statistics, but it is wonderful. Today I am going to really understand approximate Bayesian computation (ABC for short). And to study for my exams, of course 😉

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