Interior design

Many people have a dream house. Or they can walk through IKEA and put things together. Have favorite sofas and chairs. I don’t really do interior design. I’m good at putting food together and I’m good at putting clothes together, but interior, not my thing. I never get inspired either. Don’t know why.

There are some things that I would like to have, at least once in my life. I’d like bright open spaces. Deep windowsills with pillows for reading and looking at people. Dark matte tiles in the bathroom. Balcony and/ or terrace that’s big enough. Privacy to sun bathe naked (at least half naked). Large kitchen with enough disk space to make a five course dinner for 20 people. I want a floor to ceiling cupboard for glass ware. I’d like a library with books along all the walls, even over the door.

I don’t care what city I will live in or if I’ll live in the city centre or in the country side. It’ll take me a couple of years to want a garden again (it is a lot of work), especially one with grass. As long as I have wild strawberries I’ll be happy.

But then the other day I looked through another person’s inspirational photos and suddenly I found interior design that hit me.

This is almost like my window sill and library at once. And you should have a secret room behind the books (since the nook is so deep).

This reminded me of all the teapots that my father had to throw away when they cleared out his mother’s house this winter. My brother and I both got a teapot each, but the 15 others were thrown away. We could have used then as pots. I would never have thought of it.

This was such a smart solution to use the useless space under the stairs.

I just liked this sign. This is how you should do it at your summer house. Or if you live in the right kind of house.

I think I’m growing up. I’ve lived so many places and seen so many houses that I think I’m starting to know what I want. Even though I know it will be another 20 years until I can afford what I want…

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