You should eat squash this week.

As I am working at the office 12 hours a day, and have been for almost four weeks now, and still haven’t gotten my camera back, there is not much blogging about food. Things that have happened:

– Penne with peppers (paprika), tomato, chicken and feta cheese. Spice the chicken with ground paprika and garlic, use soft (preferably Turkish) feta cheese. Add all to a bowl and pour some Balsamico vinegar over. Balsamico + peppers + tomato + feta cheese is a killer combo.

– I was inspired by these pictures:

Squash rolls with feta cheese.

Oved baked and filled with minced meat and cheese.

I tried to make the rolls, but you should probably roast the squash first and put the cheese in afterwords, while i made sandwiches of squash and feta cheese. It was good though. Next project is the squash boat. It must be good for BBQ.

– Yesterday we talked about vegetable subscriptions and using new and different veggies. I want to start using different greens, but firstly I don’t really know what they look like or what I can do with them. But that is what the internet and good friends are for ­čśë

Where do you get your food inspiration from?

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