You would think that I am overjoyed by the fact that I have holidays now. And it’s ok, I guess. But since I won’t have time off until July 20. it doesn’t feel the same. I love that is it summer, and it is sort of exiting to be in the city (I’m always off someplace, in the mountains, by the sea, at a scout camp etc.) but it just feels like it is a long time until my shoulders will be down where they belong. This is like grown up training. Having to be inside working in the middle of June. Being alone because (almost) all my friends have left. I bet this is what it would be like when I get a job and move to a new place. I’ll just have to get used to my own company. It is an art to be able to be alone without feeling lonely.

We had wonderful weather yesterday and I decided to spend my free time in the park instead of in the lab. My iPod has a hiccup so I left for the park with only a matt, hat and book. I’m almost finished with A game of thrones (George R. R. Martin) now and have started reading Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts). I love his language and I’m looking forward to reading more of it. I’m suspecting that there will be more lazy afternoons in the park this summer.

I have made many new friends in Trondheim these last few months. And now, one of my newest friends have made a Facebook group for all of us who are staying in Trondheim this summer. So even though my plans only stretch out until Monday I might have something to do and people to meet after that as well ­čÖé

Currently listening to Death cab for cutie and wondering which samples to do next. My life is filled with Russian and Canadian locations, crushed moss and excel sheets that just keep growing.


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