Food in the US

So, much of the trip consisted of food and eating. As it usually does when you are on holiday and actually need a holiday (don’t have the energy to run around like a crazy tourist all the time).

Erik had bought real champagne to welcome me to the united states.

And our favorite brand of port 😉 We had to order glasses from room service 😉

My first ever room service ordered meal. It was good!

Dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory. The fries are sweet potato. Really good! I had a white pizza.

We bought salad and champagne to have lunch in the park.

Breakfast on the roof of our building in NYC. Manhattan in the background. We had quesedillas and beans (dinner the day before) and asparagus for breakfast. And lovely orange juice.

Watermelon salad with feta and basil at the Rabbithole in Brooklyn

And lentil, artichoke, parmesan and apple salad at the same place

Wonderful chocolate from the local chocolate factory. They hand made and hand wrapped everything.

Cupcake with bacon! We went to the Brooklyn sunday flea marked and they had all sorts of wonderful things 🙂

Lobster roll aka lobster in a hot dog roll for breakfast

This is the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted! It is actually just frozen raspberry on a stick. It tasted delicious!

We also had dinner at a French restaurant where we had escargon (snails) and wonderful classic French cooking (and cocktails!). In NYC we had steak at a Michelin recommended restaurant and I had more sushi than I could finish on Manhattan. And we learned that two Norwegians eat one American portion. The food was cheap and really good, I recommend going!





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