Outfits and more travels

So I’m back from the United States, but I’m leaving tomorrow, so today is only sleeping, eating and packing. But I thought I’d put out some outfit pictures and then I’ll see what I can do with the rest.

The trip was wonderful, epic, soul healing.

New silk shorts from Juicy Couture, simple top from NoaNoa and pumps from Paco Gil (notice the grey, wool details)

New pair of shorts from Banana Republic, orange laquered belt from D&G and a striped Zara basic top

Dress from H&M

My new Fendi shades

The Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. I wore it at the Met (the opera in NYC) with the same black pumps.

White strapless dress bought in Germany this easter.

Loose fitting, nitted, see through tee from BikBok, it’s sort of shiny sand colored.

My new Stine Goya jacket with the most amazing zipper details works really well with the champagne colored dress.

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