A little more…

The last bits of Stockholm

Curly hair on the top and short around. Hello hipster!

Hats! I love hats. It’s just that I live in a very windy city and these are difficult to wear if it’s windy… Believe me, I have tried. And also, love the orange/pink combination. It’s all around and I’m definitely doing it too. I mean, those are the two main colors of my wardrobe…

It is a hat made of wood. It was a collection with several wood details, collars, belts etc, but I wonder how this would work in real life. I would have to try it though, just to feel how it is 🙂

It made me think of Arya Stark and Jon Snow first and then of how much I miss the people in my life who mess my hair up. I’m still alone in Trondheim.

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