Jo Nesbø

This is a quote from this article.

“Are you scared?”

“Yes, but if you’re not scared, you can’t be brave.”



You should read the article. When the bombing and shooting happened in Oslo I was on the road in the middle of 2000 km on my way from Oslo to Salbris, south of Paris. I had (almost) no internet connection for two weeks and all the information I got was from French and German TV. I didn’t know anyone that were involved and it sort of feels like it didn’t happen because I wasn’t there. I have seen the flowers in the streets of Oslo and I have read the blog posts, but it still doesn’t feel real. And then I know that this was just a one off, it will not happen again and the world is not more dangerous now than it was four weeks ago. I will continue not to be scared. I like the quote because you can’t be fearless and brave, to be brave means that you have done something even though it was scary. If you didn’t think it was scary you weren’t brave.

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