Airport services

So, a while ago I wrote about how Lonely Planet had this article about what would have been nice to have at airports. Some things were mentioned, like places to sleep for an hour or two, someplace you could take a quick wash, cut your hair or read a book in quiet. And now they have startet coming 🙂

In this Norwegian article they say that Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow installed a SleepBox in their Aero Express terminal. It contains two bunk beds, WiFi, lamps for reading, air condition, plugs to charge whatever you like, stereo and a wake up function. It is exactly what you need between long flights! They can be rented from 15 minutes and will cost approx. 15 € an hour. No more sleeping on the floor or chairs in a corner someplace.

In the article they mention that more airports have alternatives for sleeping, so put Heathrow or Gatwick (Yotel Units), München, Tokyo, Osaka, Atlanta or Philadelphia International Airport (sleeping capsules) on your list too.

I think travelling around the world will get much more comfortable. Just you wait and see 🙂

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