Am back in Trondheim.

Have started working with my thesis again.

Have been to the first (second) workout of the semester and am aching all over.

Have bought new curatins at IKEA.

Am reading the illustrated version of The Hobbit aloud with Erik. 

Am picking blueberries and mushrooms everywhere I go.

Am almost finished with the pictures from France.

Am making lists like a champ.

Will be going to Tromsø in less than two weeks and am reading articles like crazy.

Will have 16 days in Trondheim in September.

Is high on love and sunshine.

Have more champagne and port than I am able to drink in a night.

Will be working at Samfundet tonight and go to a scout trip tomorrow morning.

Canooing FTW.

2 thoughts on “Update

    • 🙂 Vi er så klissete og romantiske at du aner ikke 😉 Og det er nydelig, forresten. Utrolig koselig. Han leste høyt hele veien fra Oslo til Trondheim 🙂

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