I slept throught a battle

No seriously, I did. This weekend I was in Stavanger for Roverstevnet 2011, a national rover event. The theme this time was vikings and the partisipants made swords, viking cotumes, learned live sword fighting, used bow and arrow and coocked food over open fire. The whole thing ended with a great battle in Hafrsfjord, the historic site where Harald Hårfagre for the first time made Norway one kingdom. The battle was Saturday evening and 75 rovers aged 16 to 22 fought for an hour or so. What did I do? I slept in Ragnar’s car in the parking lot 15 m from the battle. It has to be said that I had slept 4,5 hours that night and had been driving around with Asbjørn the whole day working. I was just going to take a little nap before the battle and woke 2 hours later when Ragnar came back and said we had to drive home…

I’ll probably post some pictures later. I almost didn’t take any pictures this time, because the partisipants were all over Stavanger that day and it was either raining or dark. But I think a couple of other people did take som pictures, so it’s all good.

Madla and Hafrsfjord is the place for the next national jamboree (landsleir), by the way. Stavanger 2013, it’s called.

Other than that it was a really good weekend. I got to see many old friends and I got a couple of new ones. The weekend ended with the first episode of Breaking bad, season 1 and smoked salmon paté.

In four days I will be going to Stockholm with Erik 😀 I like nothing more than travelling with him and I am over the clouds right now. Not that Stockholm is that exotic and different from Trondheim. But the biggest difference, I think, is that Stockholm actually is a city. It is much more international and diverse. It’ll be fun. We’ll probably go to the theatre or opera or something. And hopefully find a concert in a bar or small concert hall. I hope I’ll find some good vintage and hopefully a dress or to (new or old). And then there will be lots of delicious food and some sightseeing.

The last weekend is just over and I can’t wait for the next one to start.

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