Make (me) up

I seldom wear any make up, but I like to do it. It’s just that I’d rather sleep than do my make up in the mornings. And half of the mornings I’m not in the same house as my make up. It probably says a lot about me that I don’t bother to carry my make up around. But even so, I like to use good quality make up and I try to own the right basics so I can get a goo result when I try.

I really liked this gallery of the spring/summer 2012 products. Since I’ll pass through tax free twice this November I thought I should have a list of the items I really need right now, but the only things I have come up with are these from the article:

I need something to make dramatic smokey eyes. And probably a wet eye liner, too.

And something for a more glamourous day.

Maybe a new mascara?

With this hair that just gets longer and longer, I need a new hairspray.

And I thought I might invest in one of the big superstars, Elizabeth Arden’s Eight hour cream. Make up is usually really expencive so I usually buy just one item every time I’m through tax free. Do you have any tips on what every girl should own?

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