Today I am going to a crab party. Don’t yell at me for the terrible name, that is what happens when biologists try to translate Norwegian into English 🙂 It would have been krabbefest in Norwegian. So for only 100 kr this will be my dinner tonight (pictures stolen from Google and Wikipedia, and don’t worry, I will not be eating that crab species). It is the biologists down at Trondheim Biologiske Stasjon, the marine biologists, who are inviting everyone. Looking forward to it!


Sushi! (I love sushi)

And crab of course.

So many good things happen to biologists 🙂

2 thoughts on “Crabs

  1. Haha! Holdt på å le meg ihjel av overskriften! Hehe. Tenkte på crabs som i form av flatlus :p men skjønte jo fort at det var snakk om greia på TBS :p

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