Crowns and smiles

The evening started out with dinner and wonderful crowns made by Tone. No comment on the size difference…

Then the party. These are my three brothers, Alexander (since we were 2), Ola (since I first grabbed him in high school) and Karl Enok, my real brother.

Pia and Sara are my girly girls. They help me do my hair, they help me with nail polish and style tips. Love you, girls 🙂

Look at those happy people 🙂

We even had Knauskoret stopping by to sing us some tunes. It was steamy and wonderful. They are my favorite chior at Samfundet. Thank you!

Sara had made baloons on her nails for the party 🙂

Erik got himself a new crown. Pretty, right?

There was a Harry Potter party at Samfundet that day, but as we got Harry Potter to come to us, we were well pleased.

And now, working on my costume for the costume party today 😉 So much social life, so little time… 😛

PS: all pictures were taken with Sara’s camera, but I don’t know who actually took all the pictures. But credz to Sara anyway 🙂

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