Orkney islands

We have been cycling the Orkney Islands for two days now. Started in Kirkwall yesterday and ended up in Stomness today. And for my Norwegian readers; yes, all names of places were made by vikings and resemble Norwegian words still.

We have cycled for 6 days and finally my thighs are starting to get sore. We had one half day of cycling (Saturday) when we spent the other half at the Shetland Museum (very good exhibition and food) and about the town and the whole of Monday we spent first in Scalloway (another castle and museum) and then on the ferry to the Orkneys.

Tomorrow we will cycle to the south eastern tip of the East Mainland and on Friday we’ll just get back to Kirkwall. Saturday I will fly to Bergen and spend the night and finally Sunday I’ll be back home. It’s always like that at the end of a cycling trip. You’re just over half way and you can’t wait to go home.

I only have a few pictures on my phone because I keep forgetting to bring it along…


Species in Shetland that are uncommon other places (from the Shetland Museum)


The wonderful hotel we stayed in in Scatness, the south tip of Shetland. (everything on these islands are 500 or 4000 years old. The hotel was 500)


The shetlanders are known for their nitting and for their patterns. I couldn’t help myself and bought one wonderful, brightly colored, hand nitted sweater. I love it.


I fought with barbed wire fences yesterday and was vounded (this is the back of my left thigh), but I won and I got all our gear (including our bikes) over those fences. Now I’m just hoping it won’t be infected…

Summer holiday is really good for me, but it’s cold here and I miss Erik, so I am very exited to go home as well. There is still a lot of summer left.

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