This week

This week was the best. Just look at these three pictures

Flowers picked while walking back from Estenstaddammen. We brought dinner and spent the afternoon by the lake in the sun.

Saturday we spent at Lianvannet. We played boardgames, swam in the lake, had lunch and just enjoyed summer.

I finally came around to cut my bangs, so I can see again. I have done a lot of things this week that I should have done a while ago. Hair, shoes, new clothes, it was a good week.

Pancakes with strawberries for breakfast today. We have been eating a lot of good food lately. We had barbecued pinnekjøtt on Friday (great success btw) and a whole lambs leg yesterday.

I will spend the next two days writing job applications and then I will go for a real holiday for almost two weeks 🙂 I will be cycling along Shetland Islands and the Orkney Islands with my family. I will bring my camera and hopefully take lots of pictures.

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