Don’t judge a hero by the size of his cape

I have spent this weekend in Elverum, listening to young adults (age 12 to 24) discussing important matters to our scout association and learning how to take part in a democratic society. It was my forth time there, but first time without the right to vote. It is strange how I, by being part of the Programme Committee, now am on the other side of the fence. I am now the one who listenes, not talks, I am the one who solves the problems, not adresses them.

Nothing makes you proud like shy 13 year olds who in the course of 24 hours grows into their delegate role and by the end of the weekend have no scruples in adressing the audience, speaking their mind. I love how young adults, who previously have been satisfied by the work in their scout group, realize how big the scouting world really is and how they can influence it.

I am very exhited to start two new years with new, active and intelligent rovers who will push me and demand things of me to make rovering and scouting in Norway even better.

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