First night frost

I experienced this winter’s first night frost last weekend and it made me miss bright summer nights and light summer dresses. And then I remembered that I haven’t put out any of the pictures from this summer, so now there will be a litteral wave of summer nostalgia. Here goes:

First out, BBQ with the other young people at the museum of archaeology and natural history in Trondheim, where I did my masters degree.

My favorite photo object

Happy people (with thick jackets)

Mmmm, food!

Ruben joined in

Summer in Trøndelag

Inspection of Sondre’s bubbles


Dry ice is the best way to cool your bubbles

The museum’s two master graduates 2012

I look happy because I am happy

The best way to end a party, with bubbles and sunshine. Nothing like the light at midnight in Trondheim.

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