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After a (terribly) slow start I am finally back on track with job applications and interviews. And as I am now actively searching the internet and LinkedIn for non-govermental opportunities I find a lot of other stuff as well.

First of all, a very good review of the new film Beasts of the wild. Definitely need to see that movie. And then I read about this projectto get young people to do more creative writing. The project is all well and good, but my facination really lies in their approach. In a couple of cities in the US and one in London, they have made shops like Hoxton Street Monster Supplies in London. There is one store for superheroes, one for pirates and even more other places.

I gave me an instant Harry Potter feeling. And they say in the video that the shops actually contribute a lot to the foundation, so next time I’m in London, I’ll pop by to get me some canned fear 🙂

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