Cultural commotion

You might not read news online, but if you do, you might have heard of the case with Victoria’s Secret and the Native American headdress, where the brand got outraged responses after their annual fashion show where they showed a bikini together with a traditional headdress and finally withdrew the headdress from the TV-show that will be aired in a month.

A good example of an outraged citizen is the blog Jezebel, where she writes a very cross post about the misuse of traditional Native American pieces, and says that she (the author) will boycot the brand from now on.

When I read her post, I was a bit surpriced. Isn’t it very common to use different cultures as inspiration? Why do they take it so seriously? This happens to every minority culture in the world, not just them. I know they have a bad history with the other Americans, but witch minority colture doesn’t? When the maori war paint patterns are used by the New Zealand rugby team, the maoris are proud, not offended.

I recommend you to read this blog post that Susie Bubble wrote about the issue already in 2010. She is of Chinese origin, but British, and I think she aires some good comments on the subject. For where do you draw the line? How much can you use in fashion, before it’s too mutch?

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