Week 47

Last week ended on a very good note, with the offer from Ås. And then we had a really good weekend. We visited Mathallen, had brunch with Beate and Ruben, did a big house cleaning and ended Saturday with a spontaneous cocktail party. And Sunday we slept in, had pancakes for breakfast and saw both the new James Bond (Skyfall) and an old one (Die another day). A weekend filled with good friends and good food, just like it should be.

This week will be all about finishing my Udacity class and getting everything ready to start working. And I am a very good girl, going to the gym three times a week. Maybe I’ll get stronger and faster sometime too.

  • There is choir practice on Tuesday (the concert is getting closer) and I have both melodies and text to remember. Christmas is all around.
  • There is a meeting with my soon-to-be supervisor in Ås, where we will make plans for the future and decide when I will start.
  • This weekend we have a meeting in the Programme Committee, Komité Speiding, so I have to prepare for that as well.
  • And if I have any energy left on Sunday I will help my dad move all my granmother’s things. She died a little more than a week ago and she left a small mountain of possessions that we need to get rid of.

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