Today I have two important meetings. The first (and most important) is the first meeting with my supervisor. After an hour in the gym, I’m going to Ås to have our first chat. We will decide when I am actually going to start working (probably in a week or so), what courses I should take when and where (UiO or Ås, this spring or next autumn) and get my contract ready for signing. It is all super exciting and scary at the same time. I actually can’t wait to start work, but as you know, a PhD is not ordinary work and it is probably my biggest challenge so far.

The other meeting is with the programme committee. We are having a two day meeting this weekend to get to know each other better, have time for the important discussions and eat some good food. I’ll be back home Saturday night, and I think it will be a quiet one.

The rest of the weekend (aka Sunday) will be spent at home. My parents are coming over for coffee to see the apartment and Erik will have pizza with his scouts, so I’ll probably rehearse for the consert on Sunday evening.

Wish me luck with the meetings!

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