The apartment

As I have promised, here are a round trip in our apartment. We haven’t done mutch with it, but it really works well. Tomorrow will be the first big test, because we’ll be almost 10 for dinner…


Ok, so this is one part of the living room, sofa, tv/stereo and “the bar”.


Hepburn is still with me.


This is the other half, with the table, windows, all my dresses and our book shelf.


It is dwarfed by all of Erik’s boardgames. The two purple things contain all our training gear. These are all the books we have in the apartment, the rest are still in storage.


The office supply to the left and my make up and jewllery to the right.


Erik’s pretty bowls, all are nice glasses and our wine and sutch.


This is our tiny room, it contains just our bed and the rest of my clothes.


Our tiny kitchen, we still have things up in the attic that we couldn’t find room for. But it works surprisingly well.


This is our hall, the kitchen is to the right. The mirrors hide all our coats, all my shoes (all!) and most of Erik’s shirts. Oh, and his shoes, of course.


We have a map of the city, with small hearts on where all our friends live.


The bathroom is also in the hall, and is just the right size. And it is wonderful to have our own washing machine.


Right now I have our kitchen to the right and the sofa to the left, the door is to the right and the bathroom to the left. As you can see, the apartment is tiny. Tiny.



The last purple box contains everything we should have read. But blogging and the internet is mostly more fun thatn newspapers…

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