Week 50

Wow. It was supposed to be a busy, but nice weekend. It started good with Indian food with Ruben at Grønland and later dessert and beer at Dattera til Hagen on Friday. I went to Elkjøp to feel up some computers, to try to decide on a PC for work and then I ended the night with just enough port with Ola and Nils. Saturday I went to Grue kirke (my all time favorite church) to hold a second Christmas concert with Chorus Felix (video of the first one here). I then drove to Tønsberg to meet up with Sara and Jørgen for pizza and Sunday morning I went to Torød to meet the nice people who are preparing Roverløft 2013. So yes, nice weekend. Then I drove off the road and into a lamp post on the highway. I smashed my parent’s car, but am still in one piece. And if I’m lucky the muscle aches will  stop soon and I will be all right. I even got in the newspaper

But this week looks mutch calmer than last:

  • Today is the Yeasayer concert at Rockefeller. Can’t wait! (no head banging, though)
  • Then there will be time for some exercise (at last!) and hopefully Ruben will come over for dinner.
  • Now that I am officially a member of Longship group 41. Oslo, Erik and I will have our first preparatory meeting as troop leaders. I am really exited about our partnership as scout leaders 🙂
  • Friday I’m going to Ola’s cabin (but I am no longer borrowing my parent’s car, as I have already smashed it), just to hang out with nice people and enjoy some fresh air and board games. And port wine.
  • The rest of the weekend is all blank, as Erik has promised me lazy weekend days and fun. I guess pancakes, newspapers and cleaning is on the menu.
  • And work wise, I’m reading up on SNPs, QTL mapping and salmon.

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