Week 4

This weekend was calm, quiet and good. I have ended up going to the gym a lot during weekends, and this one was no different. Because of train problems during the morning, I was 1 hour late for work (which means I spent 2,5 hours getting to work), so I stayed an hour more on Friday and then went straight to the gym. Ruben came by with some Asian food from Sagene and we watched the first Varg Veum movie, Girl’s Generations’ (South Korean pop group) first Japan tour video on YouTube and talked about South Korea and his plans for moving.

Erik came home very late Friday, so I had most of Saturday to myself while he slept. I finally managed to organize all my pictures on my domain and delete all the copies I had everywhere. So when I manage to get a decent gallery application, all my pictures will be at bulldozerborg.com. Late Saturday we did some grocery shopping and invited some friends over for a quiet evening. Sunday we were back in the gym, finally cleaned the apartment and had (yet another) scout meeting. This seems like how our weekends usually end up.

Oh, and good news! My travel plans for the spring are soon all in order and I will be going to Kopenhagen, Paris, Italy and Porto before summer ­čÖé┬áThis week will be about keeping up my exercise and going on our first trip with the scout troop.

  • Monday I am hoping to go for dinner at Tinas’, but I’m afraid she is still sick. In that case I’ll probably go to the gym.
  • Tuesday Tone has invited us for dinner.
  • Wednesday I have a meeting with a project group, team of what will the my scout associations’ first Explorer Belt in a long while.
  • And after my meeting I might have to pop by the patrol meetings at the scout house to see how they are doing.
  • Thursday is open, so a nice dinner and/or the gym.
  • Friday is free, but I guess we will have to do a lot of last minute preparations for our hiking trip.
  • Saturday we are going hiking with the scout troop. It is just a short trip, but it will be the first time I’m really out and about with the kids, so I am very excited.
  • Sunday, after we have come home from the hike, I guess we will clean our gear and collapse on the couch.

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