Week 9

Ah, this weekend was just the perfect Trondheim weekend. I haven’t been to Trondheim in 6 months or something, and it was really good to be back. I got to see all my Trondheim people and spend a lot of time at Samfundet. Friday I first went to the carity party of the student scout group. It was good to see both old and new student scouts. Then I met Erik at Samfundet and we had an epic (and quite late) night with all his people from Regi. Saturday we just slept and had breakfast with Amund and Anne (pancakes, bacon, fresh juice, good cheese etc.) before we had to go back to Samfundet.

Because Saturday was the night Erik would get his knighthood (-ship?)! There was a three course dinner, a medal seremony and a party. I wore my ballgown and Erik had his tux on and I was just so proud of him 🙂 We had time for a long coffee with Pia before our plane back to Oslo. We ended the weekend with (Norwegian style) taco with Ruben.

This week is at last a whole week at home in Oslo, but also the last week Ruben is in Oslo in 1,5 years.

  • Monday I’m back in the gym after a week break (since I had the flu last week).
  • Tuesday is the meeting with Raymond and Sven Bjørn that I thought was last week.
  • Wednesday I’m dropping by the scout house to see how the patroles are doing with their meetings. I should probably go to the gym as well.
  • Thursday we are going to Rubens’ house to help him pack.
  • Friday I’m planning to celebrate my birthday with a dinner with my family. As it isn’t the 29th this year, I’m not making a big deal out of it.
  • Saturday is both Cirque de Soleil and Rubens’ going away party. Erik has seen Cirque de Soleil before, and we are both looking forward some real circus action! Ruben will be away for a long time, first South-Korea for six months (where we will visit him!), then he will live in both USA and Austraila before he is going back home.
  • Sunday we’ll probably take it easy 🙂

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